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Post Frame Building in Garnett, KS

Post Frame Buildings
Post Frame Construction

We appreciate your interest in Yutzy, and would like to assist you in designing a building that will meet your needs at a competitive price. At Yutzy we are committed to providing you with hands on support from design process through to completion of your new building. One YUTZY ADVANTAGE is ---we use more lumber! The closer spacing on our posts and trusses and the amount of bracing leads to a visible difference when you step inside. We want your building to be able to handle the high winds common to this area. For the cost conscious customer maintaining our common length, width and height sizes will get you more for your money.

Here are some of the standard features that we incorporate into each building:

>Engineering guaranteed to meet or exceed local building code.
>Solid concrete footings #3000 P.S.I. at 36" depth.
>8' o/c laminated posts in sidewall and roof purlins - 2' on center.
>2x6 pressure treated skirt board along ground perimeter.
>Min. 2-ply header system for truss support.
>4' on center engineered roof trusses 4/12 pitch with necessary snow loads.
>29 Ga. painted steel roof, sides, trim. 40 year warranty screw application.
>Building designed to withstand up to 90 mph wind.
>Installed by professional crews - Fully insured.

  • 60 yrs. on treated 6x6 posts
  • 40 yrs. on metal and trim
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